The Beats

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Duncan's pool to Pendre

Excellent fishing for Trout, Grayling and Salmon from the A5 side.
The Holly bush pool is excellent for fly or spinning for Salmon from both banks up to Pendre. There are numerous Salmon pools all the way up. These include the Pipe, Sycamore run and Pendre channels. Also, good Trout and Grayling fishing from both banks. Access from points C or D on the A5 or F and G on the opposite bank.

Pendre to Top Pool

On the A5 side there is excellent Salmon fishing by the way of fly, spinning or bait. Trout and Grayling fishing is good. Access from car park B with quite a lot of walking involved. On the Ruthin road side, the access is restricted and a lot of walking is required from access G.

Excellent Salmon pools at the Pot Hole, the Glide, Abersilio, Dee Farm, the Fridge and the Top Pool all good for fly or spinner.