The Beats

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 Wild Pheasant hotel to Town Bridge

From the A5 side this is mostly trout and grayling water except for top rock and the deep channels in the park which are good for Salmon by all methods. Access along promenade walk from Llangollen bridge or at Park avenue housing estate. From the opposite bank from the railway station to just past the Jenny Jones island, there is good Trout and Grayling fishing by way of fly or worm. There are also two good Salmon runs just above the Jenny Jones tunnel access.

 Town weir to Tip pool

Good trout and grayling fishing with fly or worm. Access is gained by way of walking up from the Tip pool. Good fishing at Bishops Walk on the Wrexham roadside up to the town bridge.
The Tip pool itself is a good salmon pool with a fast run into it. Fishes well with the fly or spinner off the A5 side. The run out of the pool goes into a rocky ledge which will fish bait well. From the top of the Tip pool down to the top of Lingo pool fishes well for trout and grayling with fly or worm. Access to the tip is gained through the council playing area at Coed Afon. Park at the bottom of Birch hill on the A5. The opposite bank to the Tip pool fishes with spinner or bait. Access is very difficult down a steep bank from the Health centre  car park.

Rock House Pool

A deep slow salmon pool good for spinning or bait fishing. Access from the tip pool by walking down stream


Access from the car park at the Tyn y Wern Hotel. Please park neatly on the lower section. A very good pool for spinning or bait fishing. This pool is mentioned in George Borrow’s book ‘Wild Wales’. He refers to it as ‘a very deep pool, one of the deepest on the Welsh Dee. Named after Catherine Lingo a young traveller girl who when collecting sticks fell into the pool from the high bank above and was drowned.’ This is one of the best pools on the club waters for fishing spinner or bait. Any bait or spinner should be fished very deep.

Llandyn Beat
Top, Middle & Bottom of Rocks

Very good fly water for Salmon good for spinning and bait fishing start on the top rock then the middle rock the very deep channel under your feet is where the fish lie and the best taking point in the narrow part of the channel also very good at the start of the sand hole

Sand Hole

Good for Spinning and bait fishing, very good for Grayling and Trout on the dry fly and Czech Nymphs

Dwy Craig and Slaughter House pool

Excellent for Salmon on the fly in the deep channel start at the very top od the run in the V , good bait fishing in the Slaughter house pool

Gull Stones to Sewage outlet

Very good Grayling and Trout fishing on the bugs ,spiders and dries
Access to this area is from the road leading out of Llangollen to Trevor turn  right to get on the old Railway line ,make sure you do not obstruct the access for the farmer

Broken Bridge

This is excellent water for Salmon with the with the whole length from the stream to the big bend fishable with a fly , also very good for Trout and Grayling

Park in the Sun Trevor Car park , cross the road , go over the canal bridge and follow the road down to the river , the rest of the beat is best from the opposite bank along the golf Course

Golf Course Beat

Excellent Salmon Trout & Grayling fishing on all methods ,the Sun pool on the big bend is a classic Salmon pool it has a deep fast run on the far bank that swings round to a slow shallower gravel bottom , next is  another deep holding pool very good for spinning and fly. Below is the big and little stone, another very good run for  Salmon. Below the big stone it is mainly Trout and Grayling water until you get to the drain pipe at the start of the long meadow, on big water the long meadow becomes fishable  the tail of the run is very good for Salmon on the fly. The run in to Abercregan is excellent for Salmon on the fly, then you have the Abercregan pool, a deep run where the fish rest after pushing through the very fast and strong current.
Access is from the A5 turn into the entrance of the Vale of Llangollen Golf Course then follow the road down to the bottom overflow car park. Do not walk across the Course. Follow the stream down to the river. Please be aware of and courteous to golfers. Do not walk across the greens.

Ddol Issa Beat

Cwm Alis wood is good Trout and Grayling water with some excellent pools for Sea trout. Next is the Sludgy pool, the run above it is very good for Salmon, Trout and Grayling.  The pool itself has a deep run it is very good fly and spinning water for Salmon. Below the Sludgy pool is a run where the fish lie on the far bank.  The stretch down to the farm cottage is good for all species. The farm cottage pool is excellent for fly and spinning.
Follow the signs from the car park to get to the Mill run this fish best on medium water height for all species. Below the Mill is mainly Trout and Grayling water but can be good spinning water for Salmon if above 2’3”.

Access is from the A5 down the drive to our car park. Access from the car park is upstream through the wicket gate  through the 5 bar gate then across the field to the river. Do not walk in front of the house or letting rooms. The access to the Mill beat is via the track as signposted from the Car park.

The Bathers Beat

 This runs from the Bont Bridge to 300 metres below the railway viaduct.  It is double bank fishing for 1.8 miles.
On the left bank, the run below the Bont bridge is good fly water for all species, from the run to the Aqueduct is good for Trout and Grayling.  Below the bridge is a very deep fast run the bottom is rock. Fly fishing for Salmon is very good, here the fish lie on the left side and are easy to cover with the fly or spinner.
Next is the Llyn Llewelyn pool one of the biggest on the Dee. Spinning is the best method at the head of the pool, the run-off is good  fly water. This pool holds a large head of Grayling. Bait and weighted flies do very well. From the outlet of the pool is a fast stretch good for Trout and Grayling.
Moving down stream there is a rock that juts out from the bank, this is very good for Salmon on the fly.
Next is the Llyn y Boat pool, the start of the pool is good for Salmon on the fly. All the pool is good for spinning, Salmon rest on the tail end of the pool which is good taking area with a fly.
Next down river is mainly Trout and Grayling fishing there is one Salmon lie half way down the run fly is the best method here.
The Long Meadow is very good for Chub these can be caught on maggot and worm. The tail of the meadow is good for Salmon on both fly and spinner. The rest is Trout and Grayling fishing until you get to the big bend, the run in to the pool is very good for Salmon on fly. All of the pool is good spinning water.
The Dyke run comes next excellent for Salmon on the fly fish all the run to the end of the sheer rock on the far bank.
You then come to the three Groynes good for the fly, excellent for spinning.
Below the Viaduct is a very deep pool excellent for spinning with the tail end very good for fly fishing.  The rest of the beat is Trout and Grayling except the Forge pool end of the boundary very good for Salmon on a spinner.
On the righthand bank is good for Trout and Grayling.  Just below the Aqueduct is a good run for Salmon fly fishing.
The Llyn Llewelyn pool is very good for spinning the tail end is perfect with the fly. The Salmon tend to lie on the gravel as they enter the pool,
The Llyn y Boat pool is only fishable in the tail for fly and spinning .The run below is excellent for Trout and Grayling form this bank you can fish  to the start of the long meadow , the tail of the Meadow fishes best from this bank , the next two bends in the river also fish best from this bank  excellent for Salmon, Trout and Grayling right up to the big bend.
The beat finishes 150 metres below the Viaduct

 Access on the left bank from Bont Bridge Aqueduct, Llyn Llewelyn, Llyn y boat, the long Meadow from the World Heritage car park. Foot access through the wicket gate on Dolydd Road. To access the rest of the beat use Ty Mawr country park car parks.

Access on the right bank is down the tarmac drive that goes underneath the Aqueduct to the car park which is 50 metres below the bridge