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Salmon Catches


The Salmon fishing has improved the past 6 weeks 21 fish were caught the best 18lb .there was a report that a group of visiting anglers caught 4 Salmon , but to date not confirmed, the water levels have been higher than normal for August / September encourageing the Salmon to move upriver , the number of Sea Trout reported at present is way down from last season.  Trout & Grayling fishing has been very good lots of wild Brown Trout have been reported , Terry Evans landed a 23lb salmon on the 19th of September , very fresh the fish was returned  that was the 31st Salmon of the season . Since the 19th of September  another 20 Salmon have been reported , the best fish was 25lb taken by Max Gerrard on the fly the new total to the 10th of October is 51 Salmon the final figure was 57 Salmon ,